It’s about time…

59493_424546710947824_1943768390_nIt’s about time I start writing, given that I write about five blog posts in my head each day. Fortunately, the above quote does not apply to me when it comes to running. 5 degree wind chill? Snow? It’s dark and I didn’t have time to run yet? 40mph winds and I have a track workout scheduled? It’s cool, I have absolutely no problem getting out and running. Because I planned to run, that’s why. That’s just my life, and it’s fun and exciting. Speaking of which, I have to go change and run down to campus for some hill repeats in a few minutes! But I’ll be back! The plan:

– Write posts on a few things from a long time ago I really wanted to write about at the time, but did not (I have sooo many things to share! So excited to write!).

– Find other bloggers and connect, once my page doesn’t look pathetically abandoned anymore.

– Don’t let a week go by without writing, since that week has about 35 secret posts that haven’t left my brain.

– Learn how to use WordPress correctly, though it has been surprisingly user-friendly so far (I like that very much).

– Explain my purpose for this blog, which I don’t think I’ve done yet. Maybe I did. I initially made this in September (oops).

– Actually use Twitter. Bloggers are supposed to do that, I think.

– Maybe switch the photo at the top…Ravenna 2’s are soooo last year.

Gotta run!


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