Lucky 13

I’ve been running long with Brennan almost every weekend since December, and I found out about a small group that has been meeting Sunday mornings that runs around our pace. So, Brennan and I met up with them this past Sunday morning, and it was very successful. The group is a sort of tributary of a larger Saturday morning group, consisting of a few members who wanted to go a bit faster than the group typically ran. Among them is a girl who ran 3:10 in her first marathon (!). Pretty awesome. It was fun to meet another female to run with, because that doesn’t happen to me often. She had mapped out a route that totaled 12.95 miles, but we ended up missing an important turn and improvising, making it 13.5 miles. The highlight of the run was a pretty country road called Mountain View, which did not fall short in advertising. To the left, we could see the Sourland Mountains, and it was quite the view, even on a hazy, cold morning (can it be simultaneously hazy and cold? I really think it was). A house was being built just past a curve in the road, and I am so jealous of whoever will be living there! (In the meantime, it provided the means for a construction porta-potty break, obviously.)

Mountain View Rd: worth the hills it took to get there.
Mountain View Rd: worth the hills it took to get there.

The miles flew by, that is, once my shins loosened up. They have been tight ever since I ran in Kayanos for our Asics group run at the store. That is kind of strange, but they say (we say, I guess) that different shoes work your feet and muscles differently. Practicing what I preach…guess that yields consequences. Oh well. The aforementioned 3:10 marathoner ran seven miles before she met us, en route to a 20-miler; she’s training for Boston and is evidently training very hard. We had some nice chats along the run, and finished strong. My hair was a sweaty mess as usual, and therefore had froze during the run, which was kind of awesome. And gross, some say, but mostly awesome. Because I am crazy and like to get things done all in one day, I headed right to the gym to do some ab work, stretching, and upper-body lifting. My calves were noticeably tired and tight getting out of the car, but the feeling was well deserved. It was my first planned run (getting lost doesn’t count, nor do thee addition of relay legs by the way) over 13 miles since October of 2010, and even then it was estimated by time (on trails). That run in October 2010 was an estimated 13, also, making this my longest run ever. I liked that. Can I imagine having done seven before? No, not yet. But two or three? Probably. I’m excited for what is ahead, yet being super cautious as always. 13 is my favorite number, after all!

Speaking of the Kayano run, it was a good time! We ran Pretty Brook: tripped over signs, got caught in some blinding headlights, lost a runner along the way (it was unfortunate…but he is okay), charged up some hills, chatted about butts going numb, and chased it down with some beer and veggie pizza, a Thursday night staple. And struck this pose:

Asics Run


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