Last week by the numbers

It’s been quite a week! Full of running, working, and fun…I’ve been itching to write all week…but was busy doing all of the aforementioned things, obviously. Like, on overload.

The last week by the numbers…

Pretty snow!
Pretty snow!

Miles ran (Monday to Sunday) = 33.78

Hours worked: close to 45

Styrofoam hearts painted (more on that later…): 9

Inches of snow: 7

Hill repeats: 10

Miles during those hill repeats: 10

Different shoes worn: 10 (I counted. It’s true.)

New people met: 7

Miles run for my long run: 15.23

Hours slept: not enough

Interviews had for my dream job: 1

Phew! See, told you it was a busy week.

Last Tuesday the Princeton Intervals workout was 10x Elm Drive, which is the uphill road in the middle of campus. It was a cold and misty night. At first it felt somewhat humid, but I was grateful for the long tights and long sleeves once we started getting pelted with wet snow. I remember doing this workout the same week last year…and not having a good time.


Looks like I only did half of the workout…and I remember I was not into it – my foot hurt, it was mentally tough, I ran pretty much alone, etc. This year was SUCH a different story. Something clicked for me at the workout the week before – I decided I’d had enough of “I’m coming back from injury,” “I’ll run whatever pace feels good at the time,” “my race is far away, I don’t want to run too hard now.” It’s easy to fall into these traps, with my injury history and with how careful I need/want to be. But it is a workout, after all. The harder the workout is, the easier the race will be. I went in to the workout the week before telling myself, this is the only workout this week. Be relentless. Hammer. Make it count. See what you can do, no regrets when you calculate your pace later. And it worked. I ran faster that I’d expected, and it was fine. I went into this week’s workout with the same mentality. Ten is kind of a big number. It’s double-digits and all. Double-digit repeats aren’t the most mentally easy workout in the book. But with each hill, there was one less in front of me to do. Run the hill you’re on, I thought during each one. Halfway, everyone had gotten a little separated since there was a jogging rest, no stopping, so I re-joined Brennan and we started the last five together. “POWER UP!” became my new motivating cry, and apparently reminded Brennan of Mario.Image I unfortunately only had the privilege of playing “Mario Teaches Typing” as a kid. It didn’t even work – I type almost all with one hand (rather quickly, actually, don’t question it…).

Anyway, pretty soon the hills were over! Needless to say, the stats were much better than last year. I was quite wiped running back to the store, but in a very good way. (Also, it turns out the hill is actually 0.35 mi.)

The hills (and recovery downhills):

2:26 (3:22)
2:31 (3:09)
2:35 (3:12)
2:33 (3:11)
2:29 (3:31)
2:29 (3:30)
2:30 (3:31)
2:31 (3:41)
2:31 (3:20)
2:28 (3:10)


It’s that time again…workout soon, got to warm up. Happy Mardi Gras! Up next: 1.) Post about my longest run ever! 2.) What has de-crowned glitter as the world’s messiest craft supply + what happens when running + Valentine’s Day + my nerdiness meet….


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