Weekend? What’s that?

Sometimes work is just awesome. I love helping people, I love talking to people, I love doing fun things like making window displays and having ridiculous conversations with my coworkers. It’s pretty cool, too, how I can go the whole day without sitting down if I wanted, and can even foam roll if I need to….There usually comes a point though, when all I want is to chill out and only see the shoes that are on my feet. Or put on a pair of heels and not think about running for a few hours at all – hey, it happens. Today was one of those days. I was mentally exhausted. I was planning on having fun tonight, working all day tomorrow, and then relaxing in preparation for the Febapple race on Sunday morning with Brennan (we are doing the ten miler). Sunday was supposed to be a day of fun running, meeting other runners, seeing what the NJ Trail Series is all about, and then relaxing with some food, drinks, and friends in the evening.Image


I don’t know how two people can both truly believe (for months) that a race is on Sunday the 24th when it is in fact Saturday the 23rd. Which is TOMORROW. Let the freak-out begin. Now, if this was my goal half marathon we are talking about, I would be freaking out a lot more. But, since it’s a ten-mile trail run that I am not overly concerned about in regards to pace or training, I was half laughing inside when I realized my weekend wouldn’t be totally ruined in some aspects. After a couple hours of what seemed like nonstop texting at work, trying to find someone to cover my hours or switch with me for Sunday, I finally resolved things on that front and calmed down. Okay, I’m running ten miles on unfamiliar trails tomorrow morning, not Sunday. It could be worse. I could have gotten up early and ran eight miles before work today instead of running yesterday (sooo glad I ran yesterday). My injury-prone, over-careful self would be panicking right now if that were the case!

All things considered, this is fine. Brennan and I won’t be able to go shopping for homemade pizza supplies while on a runner’s high, we will both have to head into work/school-related responsibilities…but that’s life. That being said, on days like today I do wish I could have a normal weekend sometime. (I started cooking dinner at 10:30 tonight!) Now I’ll be going into work tomorrow after the run, and probably Sunday as well. And then the week will start again on Monday. I hope I can sneak some fun into that schedule somewhere! For now, I will prepare for some fun on the trails!

On a similar note, this e-card makes me mad sometimes…I made an edit to better represent my life:

The rest of the e-cards I found when I Google Image-searched “e-card Friday”? I won’t even start….


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