My Champ, aka the best juicer ever

I said I wouldn’t write about food again. So I might as well just get this post out of the way. If you spent a couple days hanging out with me, you will probably quickly learn: 1.) I love to run, 2.) I am a big fan of Brooks, 3.) I am almost always up for going out, and 4.) I love banana whips and my Champion 2000 juicer. I think it’s easy to catch on to the first three, but let me go into that last point a bit more….

There is this little place on the Ocean City (NJ) boardwalk I discovered, I think in 2005, called the Bashful Banana. I am getting excited just visiting their website right now. It is amazing.

ImageIt is right on the boardwalk but kind of hidden…take a turn by Curly’s Fries and it’s situated right across from some pirate ship. Anyway, you must go. A cheaper and more convenient option? Get to know me in person, because I can make anything they serve here. Why? Because of the Champion 2000 juicer, which I now own. The whips they make are made entirely from frozen fruit. When homogenized using a special filter through the juicer, they come out like soft-serve ice cream. Except it is better than soft-serve ice cream. Trust me. It is sweeter, healthier, and tastier. Bananas are the best, because they provide the creaminess that is essential to the ideal whip. You can add other frozen fruits, such as strawberries, to the frozen bananas, and it becomes pink strawberry-banana whip! I have experimented with several fruits to find the best combinations: banana-peach, banana-pineapple, banana-strawberry, banana-blueberry-raspberry. The possibilities are endless, but you need to get the ratio right for the best texture and flavor. Nobody wants too many berry skins in their whip. You know?

Whips can serve as breakfast: banana whip + granola + peanut butter = can you say best start to your day ever? Or dessert: banana whip + chocolate syrup + whipped cream = I will say it one more time: better than ice cream. Then there is the summer drink menu option: banana-pineapple whip with an infusion of Malibu coconut rum…this is complicated though. Leave a comment and I will tell you exactly how this can be done! Let me provide some photos of this gourmet goodness…even those won’t do it much justice though….

Me, hard at work juicing. As for the running store backdrop…what can I say, I invited the Champ to a little work party.
A little strawberry-banana on banana action.
Banana-mango: a fan favorite.
My favorite way to eat banana whips: with a side of peanut butter!

And there was the time this happened, but again, it’s more complicated than just throwing frozen fruit in the thing:

ImageThis is the kind of contraption that will cause you to know the cheapest bananas in a ten-mile radius, I am warning you. Addicting. (It’s Trader Joe’s: 19 cents. Boom – I just saved you so much time.)

The amount of juicer photos I have on my computer is kind of ridiculous. I could make a juicing blog. Instead, I’ll leave you with this. You can actually make real juice with it too, of course. You just need to switch the homogenizing filter with the juicing filter (homogenizing = smooth, juicing = has holes for the juice to separate and fall through). Orange juice is always a winner. Strawberry kiwi is not.

Success (add water though!).
Don’t do this. It looks all sweet and colorful, but the second you try it you will realize you wasted your time….ALSO: you can see the homogenizing filter – the white thing to the left of the juicer – if you are intrigued by this.

I don’t hug inanimate objects easily. So clearly, I really like my Champ.

It was a gift from one of my best friends for Christmas in 2010. Best gift ever, right? I had been raving about this juicer for five years, so maybe he was just sick of me talking about how much I wanted it in my own kitchen. If you don’t end up becoming friends with me in real life (sad face), some other places in NJ you can buy banana whips include The Bent Spoon (they call it “frozen banana”) & Animo Juice.

Social tip: it’s really cool to ask someone you might be interested in dating, “Hey, want to juice tonight?” Really, works every time.*

*Disclaimer: Success rate: 1/1.


3 thoughts on “My Champ, aka the best juicer ever”

  1. This is amazing! I had no idea that you have a juicer/homogenizer (full disclosure: I didn’t know what homogenizing was). Soooo I’m gonna come over with some bananas?!

    1. I should have fully explained homogenizing, oops. YES, ANYTIME. Make sure they are peeled and frozen or we will have to either a.) make baby food instead, or b.) drink/watch National Treasure while we wait for them to freeze.

  2. Hi there,

    I found your story and I am very interested in the ice-cream aspect of the champion juicer. I’ve always love love loved juicing and making smoothies and I wanna host a few cool parties with homemade alcoholic ice-cream 🙂 🙂 . So if you have a few minutes could you please explain the whole process of making the ice-cream and also the ice-cream with alcohol in it? Any tips and advice you have about it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! 🙂 🙂

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