Better late than never: Official Nuun Hood to Coast Application Post

I planned on writing a post to go along with my Nuun Hood to Coast application…after all, now Nuun is checking up on me…and probably lots of other bloggers! Stress! Just kidding. Life kind of got crazy between uploading my video application to Youtube and now, so this is Catch-up Post #2 of the week! I should have done it earlier since I want this opportunity SO BADLY. Hopefully that won’t affect things. It’s 75 degrees and sunny now, so this is a great time to sit outside between work and my run and share this. 🙂


Like I admit in my video, I cannot stress how much FUN I had making this. I am not a half-ass person: I do it well or I don’t do it. And I will go to great measures to do it well, such as…stay at work until 1:30am filming and editing, driving across town for five seconds of footage, contacting numerous friends for help, etc. I was also constantly coming up with new ideas, so many, in fact, that I could not include all of them in the actual video. There were some clips I didn’t use, and clips I never ended up getting out of my head and on film, but here is the final result!

Thanks for watching! I sold way more Nuun at the store recently, this just made me so excited! Nuun seems like a really cool company, from what I have seen in videos and blog posts from previous Nuun HTC relay teams. It seems like an unforgettable weekend full of things I love, so I am crossing my fingers until the 17th that I get selected!!! 


I am pretty new to Twitter, but I started using it more this past week by hashtagging “nuunhtc.” I found lots of other bloggers who applied for the team that way, and it was fun to watch their applications and read their blogs (which I’m now following)! I definitely need to spend more time using such a great tool for “meeting”/interacting with other runners. It is so different than Facebook, where you wouldn’t friend someone you don’t know in person (at least, I don’t…). I have found myself following runners just like me who have inspiring, entertaining things to say. I still think I’m much better meeting people face-to-face and engaging in conversation with total strangers, but it’s still cool…and different than that kind of “meeting,” anyway. It sounds funny to say I need to spend more time online…I have too many failed technological devices to be hooked to the internet, but I’ll make a greater effort now that I have entered the blog world.

Speaking of failed technological devices, is there a remedy for phone heatstroke? ‘Tis the technology issue of the day…..





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