en route to Boston…

(Written yesterday…)

Greetings from Boltbus, in the middle of Connecticut! This is my first post via my Blackberry, so we’ll see how this goes. I was planning on getting a (free…) Ride up to Boston with Kate and Nick tomorrow morning, but then my weekend took an unexpected turn and I needed to head up early to do something before working the expo! The day started off disastrous, missing my first bus from Princeton because I didn’t know where exactly it picked me up…in hindsight I totally saw it stop down the street. Oops. Oh, and it’s downpouring and windy. I’m going to take over the Hynes Convention Center bathroom and spruce myself up as soon as I arrive…I may dry my shoes as well.

A running update: I skipped the PI workout this week since it was two days after my twenty miler, and that was a good choice. my Achilles got pretty tight and left me paranoid. I ran yesterday and it felt better, but not good enough to not decide to take two days off before my next long run. Which, by the way, I’m hoping will be fit in pre-expo Sunday, probably in the five and six o’clock hours. We’ll see.

What I’m digging this week: these shorts. Let’s see if this photo actually shows up, I’m rather confused. Spoiler: it’s the Brooks Epiphany Stretch Short in the Special Edition print, dots!


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