Blogger/running buddy spotlight: Brennan!

The person most responsible for the outlook I have had on running thus far in 2013 is Brennan. I met her in the fall as she was training for her first half marathon and seeking shoe advice at the store. Our first run together happened when I really wanted company on an eight-miler and thought I should ask her to join me! From then on we’ve been great running buddies! Side note: I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that her first blog post mentioning me also includes an entire paragraph dedicated to goose poop (complete with statistical evidence). 

Meet Brennan…

Shortly after I started running, I started running distance races on my high school track team. That was a long time ago….Brennan just started racing last fall, and it is really cool to witness the contagious spark she has as a “new” runner. I also have her to thank for getting me more involved in running in the “real world,” or, after being a part of a team, as well as the blog world.  A self-proclaimed “half marathon addict,” she is racing her seventh half marathon this coming weekend, the Nike Women’s Half in DC! I know some of you reading are running; check out Brennan’s blog, Yum Run, and maybe you guys can connect! I am so excited for Brennan and her shiny new PR at Unite on Sunday…I think big things are to come this weekend though, so make sure you head over to her blog next week to see how things went! 🙂


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