crashing from the high…and notes on gratefulness

As I mentioned in my posts about my marathon, things were going 100% better than I ever expected, as far as running is concerned. I was feeling pretty darn good, and I was grateful as can be for every day that passed. It’s funny how the very best days and the very worst days both can make you equally grateful. Grateful for life, for health, for the ability to walk around on two feet each day, to have a job I enjoy, to have great family and friends who are there for me when I need them.

On Thursday, my IT band gave out on my short, easy “test run.” It was feeling mildly bothersome, as in, I could feel something short of pain. We stopped for a few seconds towards the end of the run at a crossroads and my knee totally locked up and I wasn’t able to run back to the store. The familiar feeling of the unfinished run and painful limp was

So. Much. Pain. (This is not my leg.)

back. And it sucked just as much as it had every time before. It could be worse. It could be two weeks ago, and I would’ve not been able to run the marathon. It could be a stress fracture, leaving me confused and angry again. At least I’ve felt this before (on the other side); I know what it will take to get better (though I’ve been doing everything except resting it, obviously, for over a year without any pain…). I know it was caused not by imbalances or strength issues but residual fatigue in the hips, I imagine, that I overlooked after the marathon. Any marathon I do next is far enough away from now (definitely Boston, Philly TBD). So while I would love to not be in pain (who doesn’t?) and be able to do fun, easy runs (again, who doesn’t?), I came to terms with it, possibly over some beverages and good company, and resolved to be patient.

This happened. The lights to the left are my house….

Fast-forward to Friday night. I was heading home from work in my car, waiting to turn left into my driveway as I do everyday. I switched my work days so I could do an open water swim in a South Jersey lake early Saturday morning, to distract me from my ITB pain. I was hit from behind by a car that clearly did not brake at all, driving 50 mph. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and I panicked because I had no control over it. The car pushed my car into a guardrail to the right, and finally I stopped moving. After acknowledging I had suffered no immediate injuries myself by some miracle, I struggled to get out of the car and tell everyone who had run out of their houses (including mine) that I was fine. Long story short, I am grateful once again that I am alive and fine. Without the guardrail, my car would have undoubtedly flipped over into a small drainage ditch filled with water. The man who hit me was fine, as well as his three year old son. My neck is sore and my knee is bruised (same knee as the ITBS…), all I really want to do is not feel trapped in my house and to run, or bike, or swim. But, I’m happy a totaled back end of my car was all that the crash amounted to.

I’ve always been the type of person to not want to rely on anyone else. I feel like I need to repay people who do good things for me, and I often feel discontented when I know I haven’t done so yet. That’s why I wanted to live within walking distance to work, and why I often refuse to let people give me rides or food or whatever, even if I should probably take them up on the offers. Without fail, people have been coming into my life exactly when I need them, and it is really cool to know how many people out there will actually want to help you when you need it. Whether it’s a ride, a fun night out, a hug, or a snack, I am thankful for all these people in my life, and sometimes moments like this are when you take a step back, stop trying to be the tough guy, and just appreciate the help and support that is all around you.

Random good things that happened this week… 

We had a “FitFest” event at the store, which included sports bra fittings, food, and wine! It’s been awhile since we’ve done anything chill and fun at work so this was a good time.

Speaking of chill and fun, and work, we now have a REFRIGERATOR again!

Cute, no?

We once had a gem of a fridge. It was discarded on August 21, 2012, poor thing. Ask me what happened after. It’s a good story, involving a police officer and a whiny neighbor.

Princeton City-20120821-01385

I got a free pair of North Face Go The Distance shorts. They feel a bit long (it’s relative…) but the waistband is so light and perfect.


I watched the season finales of How I Met Your Mother and New Girl. HIMYM = nice work. That show never fails to be awesome, in my opinion. NG = REALLY?! They could have done better than that. Everything predictable happened. Except for the badger, that was so weird….

Note to writers everywhere: the crashing wedding thing is getting really old.
THE MOTHER. (She grew up in my hometown!!! Rival high school grad, ’03, though.)

Did you see the HIMYM or New Girl season finales??? Please tell me what you thought! Was Taylor supposed to be over-exaggerated and easy to make fun of? What are you grateful for this week?


5 thoughts on “crashing from the high…and notes on gratefulness”

  1. So glad you are OK after that car accident! Glad you had some good things going on this week.

    I love HIMYM too. Such a great show. I’ve never watched NG though.

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