The most impatient-sounding update ever

In my post reflecting on my marathon, I mentioned how I was used to sitting on the sidelines and spectating my friends’ races. Well…apparently it was decided I should go back to that for the time being, because here I am. I’ve been doing well with physical therapy; I had my third appointment today and have added in some additional exercises to strength and stabilize the pelvic floor. My PT said I should try running within 24 hours of today’s session, to see if we had activated my glutes and hips enough to make my ITB stable and pain-free. Since I was without pain the rest of the day, I decided to give it a go and try to run about a mile in the evening. After about a minute, I could feel a dull pain that I knew would not be going away. I did not feel like it was a good idea to run more than five minutes, so I stopped and walked. DAMN IT. I was optimistic; both he (the PT) and I thought I would be fine to run a mile. So, as all runners who have had this experience know, that definitely ruined my day.

Last night was the third week in a row I spectated a race. The past two weeks, there were track meets held on weekday evenings that I would have totally participated in if I had been able to. I attended both, took pictures, timed splits, talked to people. And then went home thinking about how much better my day would have been had I been able to run, exhaust myself, push myself, test myself and see what I could do. I missed out on a 5k last night in which I think I could have contended for second or third overall, and more importantly, a race that my running group entered as a team for the first time. For some reason, the post-race-you-couldn’t-race-because-you’re-hurt slump I have experienced many times before hurt way worse this time around. Maybe because I have so many people to run with, and I feel like I’m missing out on social opportunities. Maybe because the marathon was so awesome and I thought I was finally over my injury-prone tendencies. I hate that phrase “sometimes the only thing you can do is run” when I’m injured, because I feel like screaming, I know! But I can’t! So what should I do? Frustration.

End vent. Let me just share the top 8 reasons why I need to get better NOW (I never claimed to be a patient person…).

1. This. Interpret as you will.

2. I signed up, afraid the sprint would fill…it is on July 20th….

3. Say hi to the the team captain…(August 3rd)

r2c 4. Ummm, of course this is happening. Definitely what I’m getting healthy for the most! (August 24th-25th)


5. I’m an Ambassador for this race, on October 13th…

6. I WANT TO WIN. THAT IS ALL. (November 3rd. Not yet registered, I am trying to get a comped or discounted entry now that my store is a sponsor…that’s how I roll run.)

7. I decided to do the Philadelphia Half recently (November 17th). Despite how much I wanted to run the marathon again immediately after the NJ Marathon…it will be Boston 2014. Clearly it took a toll on my body I didn’t realize. It sounds ambitious maybe, but I’m going to try for as close to 90 minutes as I can (current PR from first and only half is 1:33:33).

8. Princeton Intervals. Workouts with them were highlights of my week, and it definitely feels like something is missing now that I can’t join them on Tuesday nights.

PI after winning 3rd place team at the Firecracker 5k. It was bittersweet because I can’t wait to join them again….

Phew, there you go. My ideal second half of 2013. One thing is for certain: I’m going to rehab like I’ve never rehabbed before. This quadballer is going to wear out. My therabands are going to snap (in addition to the three times they did yesterday). My core and glutes are going to laugh in injury’s face. And all this is being said by the runner who already was doing ITB-specific PT for a year and a half. I’m going to take it to a new level. Wish me luck ( I need it)!


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