Injured ITB, healthy mind?

I feel like I’ve been mentally dealing with two different mindsets the past six weeks. The first: I’m hurt, I’m frustrated, I’m wasting my whole summer dealing with this stupid injury that I thought would last two weeks. The second: I have all these running-related things to look forward to, I’m going to try to look forward to them and be happy and get excited by being confident that I can get myself healthy in time for them. Both of these is actually causing a lot of disguised stress. I am so confused as to how I’m supposed to feel or act toward the rest of this summer and the FOUR  races I am now signed up for, two of which are relays that I NEED to be ready to run.

Anyway, I just registered for the Philadelphia Half Marathon before the price increase (part of me wanted to sign up for the full…). Proof:

This weekend I managed to not be too bummed by removing myself almost entirely from things running-related (gasp)…I mean, besides the six hours spent working at the store today. Friday after some early-morning swimming (pull buoy FTW – though I am using Bodyglide next time for the scratchy foam…) I went to Mercer County Park to watch the last day of the US Rowing National Championships. Friends, it’s official: I am now a crewpie. That is pronounced like “groupie,” by the way.

Men’s 8+

I had a prime spot to spectate, on the rocks in front of the gazebo that sticks out into Lake Mercer.  I tried really hard to not think about the fact that I was supposed to be ready to swim in there at the triathlon in three weeks…. Initially I wasn’t sure how exciting the races would be to watch compared to watching track races, but it turned out to be really exciting!  I was really glad I came, and kind of disappointed I hadn’t gotten there earlier to watch more events!

Saturday the stars aligned (seriously, that seems to be what it takes for everyone to be free on the same day that something important is happening…) and I found myself at the beach. Note: I was on the beach in the nine o’clock hour. Craziness. If I had been able to run, I would’ve passed the time with a run before going on the beach. In hindsight, I should have brought my bike. I was there so early because certain sailors had races to partake in. Smart Brennan sent her husband down the night before and was able to wait until the afternoon to come down and meet me. I’m very glad she did, as she always cheers me up and distracts me (from complaining that my ITB hurts when walking on sand). I may have gotten so distracted, in fact, that I forgot to reapply sunscreen when the sun was at its peak. I AM NEVER GETTING A SUNBURN AGAIN. <— This is a lie. Kind of like when you say “I’m never drinking again!” But I have learned my lesson two times in the past month. At least it was the other side this time?

Sailor boys taking down the mast.

We made our way back to the yacht club and got caught up on the stories (and rum) from the three sailing races, the last of which they won…despite running aground. It was cool to hear about it because I had never really learned about what sailing as a sport entails. It sounded like a big tactical adventure, and like they had a lot of fun. I did more listening than talking, especially when we hung out on one of the older sailor’s porches afterward, but that was a nice change. And sailing was not anything like running.

One thing I learned besides the fact that not putting on enough sunscreen yields horribly painful consequences, such as not being able to sit down or do other such activities, is that sun, sushi, & sailing is a deadly combo that will make one unable to stay awake for extended periods of time. Also, never miss an exit to a major highway and decide “the back way” will be just as good.

It was a great, fun weekend. I hope to be writing a post soon about how I tried to run and was successful, in addition to other running-related topics on which I feel wayyy behind, but for now this is what I’ve got to share. Now excuse me, it’s aloe time.


3 thoughts on “Injured ITB, healthy mind?”

  1. It’s definitely aloe time. I had so much fun! I’m dying laughing over the “This is a lie” bit. To be fair, though, I doubt you could get burned again this summer. You’re too dark all over now!

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