if things in life were easy…


I’m glad somebody’s ready to race….

Me? Sure. Sure, I can be ready. I will be ready. “It’s only a sprint tri” might sound like an awful thing to say, especially to someone who has never done a tri before, or someone who is scared to death of it but has been on a strict training schedule in preparation for it for months. However, it’s what I’m telling myself. I never really stop training for triathlons, all year. It is true I don’t necessarily train very hard like I do for running-only races on the road. I could definitely train harder – do bike workouts, swim workouts, ride more than 30 miles, swim at a certain pace, actually count my laps in the pool. It’s cool to think that I haven’t experimented with that yet, because it means there is so much more to accomplish and challenges to tackle.

Let me break it down for you. I have been swimming and biking regularly the entire time I’ve been injured, plus lifting, doing physical therapy exercises, stretching, and erging. I feel in shape. I’m up to 1.5 miles (at 7:32 pace, oops) as of this morning without much ITB discomfort. When I race, I race. If the triathlon on July 20 was a 5k or 10k instead, I wouldn’t do it; there would be no point if I couldn’t run it fast. However, I’ve been biking and swimming and I ought to just try. I promised to myself I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize being pain-free for all 16+ miles of Hood to Coast at the end of August, so I will do the tri if I can physically run 3.1 miles on July 20 without pain, and without any consequences to my ITB after. For the first time, I will hold back and not be discontent with running above seven minute pace. I signed up, if I can physically run and  not get set back, I will show up and do what I can. My training, and my ITB’s response, is totally unknown for the next twelve (crap, crap, crap) days, but I’m just going to take one day at a time, enjoy what I can do and not think about what I would want to do if I was luckier/things weren’t as they are at this moment, and just not stress. 

I find myself in these tricky situations very often, in all areas of my life. But in the end, if everything worked out perfectly all the time and things were exactly as I planned and expected all the time, what fun would that be in the end?

If things in life were easy it would leave far too few things and moments to be appreciated.


5 thoughts on “if things in life were easy…”

  1. Glad to hear your ITB issues are starting to get a little better…day by day. Also exciting that you will be trying out a triathlon! Swimming and biking are great when you can’t run too, so at least you are able to keep active!

  2. Glad to hear of some improvement, even if it’s been excruciatingly slow and frustrating. Hang in there! And keep up the cross training – it must be sorta crazy to feel like your sports are in reverse order – the one you love the most has fallen to “least trained for”, while you must be making gains in the pool and on the bike!

    Random question from a stranger: Have you read The Cool Impossible, by Eric Orton? I just read it recently, but am intrigued by the approach he takes to strength work. [Basically, a series of balancing exercises performed on a tiny slant board or wobble board, to build all-around functional strength in the feet, legs, and hips.] His rationale and approach make a lot of sense to me, and I’m thinking of experimenting with it myself, in an attempt to banish my ITB tweakies for good. Wondering if you had any thoughts/experience with this?

    1. I feel like it;s a strange thing too how the sports have been reversed! I will definitely report back on this experience after July 20th….

      I’ve never read that but it sounds like I definitely need to! An entire book written about a wobble board?! I had this crazy idea to make one myself in college…never happened. I’m all for new strengthening ideas so I’ll check it out, thanks!

  3. Good luck with the race! I did the same tri three years ago, and though the heat was unbearable at the time ( plus 90 degrees), I enjoyed the event. The 5 k portion of the race is very flat, and the event itself is very well organized. 🙂

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