Moving Comfort sports bra review: Phoebe

My bra window in May…I got a lot of curious looks as I was setting this one up.

To all of the C- and D-cup ladies out there who think us smaller-chested runners don’t have trouble finding a supportive, comfortable sports bra: stop while you’re ahead. Everyone needs support and comfort, and a sports bra that gives both is not easy to find. For years, I wore high-support Champion bras. This involved buying them full-price, since we didn’t sell them at the store, and they didn’t last very long even in rotation with several others. When they got wet they seemed noticeably less supportive, and sometimes the bottom band would stretch out before the rest of the bra. I still tolerate them for runs when they are still relatively new, and they are definitely fine for bike rides and other cross training activities. However, I found myself turning to a different bra for every long run and workout this past year: the Moving Comfort Phoebe A/B bra. Not long after I was given one for working at the Rock ‘n Roll Philly Half expo with Moving Comfort, I found myself wearing it for every long run and speed workout, and purchasing a few more colors. At first I thought it was tight, but then I realized that’s what I liked about it. Any bra that feels the same at mile 17 of a long, sweaty run is a bra for me.

I am actually meeting (drinking?) with a Moving Comfort sales rep tonight at work…so I will have to confirm this for sure later, but I heard a rumor that MC is discontinuing the Phoebe! I’m definitely stocking up before this happens, but I also trust that MC will be replacing it with an even better high-support, A/B style.

Being bloggy (anticipating starting a blog and writing this post actually…in September!)

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