Nike Pegasus Birthday Party

nike pegasus 30 FB SIGN

One of the things for which I wanted to use this blog was to give readers a chance to step into my life working at the store. I haven’t done that in awhile, so I thought I’d take a step back to a couple Saturdays ago, when we had a birthday party for the Nike Pegasus, which “turned 30” on July 1.

…Like, an actual birthday party.

Princeton City-20130713-02213This cake was made by Chez Alice in Princeton, apparently a really high-end cake shop. I wonder if they ever made a cake for a running shoe before…?

The day started with an early morning run, for which we ended up getting a fairly large crowd. I wasn’t scheduled to work that day but I did stop by for an hour or so to join in the festivities. Our Nike rep took a video to send to some pretty important people at Nike, in hopes of getting it on the web somewhere. I would post it here if I had been successful the past ten minutes I have spent trying to upload a .MOV file. So anyway, here are some more photos instead….

Princeton City-20130713-02211Princeton City-20130713-02212


One more close-up of the cake:

Princeton City-20130713-02210I have never personally ran in the Nike Pegasus, but we sure have been selling a lot of pairs of the new model! I ended up landing free pairs of both the 29s and 30s as a result of this event. I suppose I will find a good use for them; they are running shoes after all!

If you are a Pegasus lover, let me know! Have you tried the 30s? What do you think? I wish I could get a cake at work for my birthday….




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