first workout back!

On Tuesday, I did my first workout since before the marathon (and injury, of course)! To many people, all these other things I have done over the past three months might be considered “workouts”…but I’m sure runners can relate to me when I say that forms of exercise ≠ “working out.” A workout must be some sort of faster running – intervals, repeats, tempos, etc. I never attempt workouts post-injury until I feel I’ve established a decent base without any pain. So, on Tuesday I was ready to return to Princeton Intervals not as the coach! I was very excited, because I coached the previous two weeks’ workouts, and was itching to jump into both of them with my friends.

First workout in my new(er) color of the Brooks Epiphany Stretch short! I was all decked out in purple for this….

The workout was originally 12 x 400m, but because we didn’t secure access to a track this week, we improvised at our modified track loop (where we did this workout…and this one…and the mile repeats I apparently never wrote about in April). It’s 533 meters for one loop, or 1/3 of a mile. I didn’t know what goal time to set for myself; I usually hit between 2:00 and 2:05 for these, so I figured I would be happy with anything in that range. A big group of us stayed together for the first one and hit 2:05. Then, the front runners dropped the hammer and never stopped. I was glad though, because it resulted in my fastest times for these loops ever! My splits were:

9 x 1/3 mi: 2:05, 1:56, 1:54, 1:59, 1:58, 1:58, 1:58, 1:59, 1:59

I actually wasn’t planning on doing the entire thing. Since it was my first workout back, I was going to stop at 8 if we did 400m, so 6 for the 533m. However, I felt fine after the 6th, so I did a 7th…and then an 8th…and then I just did the 9th to make it complete. To be honest, my brain tricked me into doing this because I was waiting for two people who were supposed to show up to do the workout. Each time I rounded the bend and the start/finish line was in view, I would think either one or both of them would be there, having arrived late. Each time, neither of them were. So pretty soon, logically, all nine reps were done and they just hadn’t shown up to the workout.

Funny how the brain works sometimes.

One of the people was a Mizuno rep (er, different kind of “rep” I’m talking about now). He did say he would be really late, so it was more the other person I was expecting to see. Regardless, I wore these kicks because I thought he would be there:

Princeton City-20130404-01871
I did not have any of this stout post-run this time, unfortunately. Had to make do with Triumph’s Witbier (still awesome).

Remember when I got them at the Mizuno Group Run? It’s not like me to test out shoes for the second time ever during a speed workout…but I did. I think they felt fine; I noticed my shins were a little tight warming up, and the left toebox felt particularly spacious (almost too much so; I thought I was getting blisters but then couldn’t detect any later) on my cooldown. Overall, they felt light and fast. I think the toebox room would be an issue for me, but maybe I’m just used to not moving around as much in the Ravenna. I did see my Mizuno rep friend shortly after and got to tell him I ran in these, so it wasn’t for naught. On my cooldown I managed to climb a big hill twice. Not sure how I managed that; it’s my own fault. At the very end, I was spent in such a terrific way – it had been so long since I had been satisfied like that! Since the marathon, in fact.

The aftereffects: I am a little sore, mostly in my quads/hamstrings and abs. I also did all my ITB PT and a long core workout in the morning Tuesday, after a short bike ride. It’s a good sore, I’m okay with it. 🙂

Rain run


Today I went for a great run in the rain! I did the most logical thing possible during a downpour: ran through some muddy, overgrown trails. I was able to do the entire loop though – the stepping stones at the stream weren’t washed over yet! My Garmin got confused around the time I started hopping over downed tree trunks and circumventing thorn bushes, but it’s all good. The run was topped off with a swim immediately after. And a trip to the bike shop to mend my less-than-a-week-old bike tube, which already managed to get punctured (I rode it twice since the last time…). Can’t win everything, that’s for sure….

Time to rest up for RIVER TO SEA!!!


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