Perfect 10’s Perfect Pair Model Search


I wrote in a previous post that I am running the inaugural CGI Racing Perfect 10 Miler at Mercer County Park on October 13th. It’s going to be an awesome event, and I recently found out that there will be a “Pampering Party and Expo” the day before, in the park’s indoor hockey rink. The goal is to make it not an ordinary expo, with stimulation overload and samples being thrown into your face. Rather, it sounds as if it will be a shopping experience for women, complete with yoga classes and…a fashion show! It will also be open to the public. The event’s Facebook page is currently hosting a “model search” for the show, in which a pair of women who are running the race can submit a photo and a description of why they represent the event’s core values (and thus be a part of the show).

As soon as I heard about it, I got excited and wanted Brennan and me to submit our entry as best running friends! So, I did…you can vote for it here! We’re kind of lagging behind…I’m not doing a very good job spreading the word since I’m not home in NJ, but keep in mind we want to do this for the message behind it, not the clothing! Vote for us! 🙂


…and if you haven’t registered yet, you can do that here.

Don’t worry, I’ll be writing posts with more substance again very shortly….



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