Saucony Guide 6 review!

Forgive me for the delayed post, things have been quite busy! And I haven’t even started packing for Hood to Coast…mostly because I’m not home, I’m in Maine. More on that later. For now, my much-awaited review of the Saucony Guide 6….

Last Thursday, we had Saucony at our weekly group run from the store. Saucony is one brand I sell a lot, but have never actually worn through a pair of shoes myself. I have a pair of Cortana’s that were fun to run in, but just a tad small, so I just wear them to work now. Brennan came to the run and we are the same size, so she snagged the single pair of 8.5 Guides. I didn’t want to run in the Ride, and I wanted to do a run of decent length…too risky for the Kinvara with a 5k in two days. The 8 was decidedly too small, and so I set off with the group in my Ravennas, planning on doing a mile or so after in Kinvaras. We ran toward the Institute Woods, at who knows what pace – I forgot my Garmin at home. Just before the entrance to the woods, Brennan had a great idea – we could switch shoes so I could get a chance to run in the Guide too! That’s when you know you’ve got a great running buddy. So, we took off our shoes while testing our balancing skills, and finished with the Guides on my feet and the Ravennas on hers. Success!

I got to wear them on both trails and roads, so it gave me a good idea of how they felt. The verdict:

8.0 mm heel-to-toe difference: I did not notice a difference at all from any other shoe with a 10 or 12 mm drop. So perhaps it’s true that the only person it would hypothetically make a difference in is a runner with chronic Achilles tendinitis….

Cushion: They are softer than the Ravenna and the Rider. Much softer. Even though the Ravennas I switched out of were old, the Guide just has a softer feel – it’s all personal preference though. Some runs I think I would enjoy this, other runs (like workouts), maybe not.

Fit: When we first got in the Guide 6, I thought it was too narrow on the outsides of the forefoot. I have no idea what my feet were doing that day – they are not. They actually look like I tied them tighter than I do other shoes. 

I’m glad Brennan got to try them for a bit too – I ended up selling them to her immediately after! Word on the street trails is she likes them


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