Tomorrow is The Day! Or…today. I should really be sleeping. Instead I’m icing, because I feel like crap.

You know those blogs that only post the good things that happen? The great runs, the fun trips, god forbid the descriptions of high quality food or the mentioning of the significant other like this phenomenon is a normal constant in everyone’s lives. I have no desire for this [blog] to be one of them. After Sunday’s seemingly productive activities, I knew the past two days were going to be crazy given that I was working all day both days, but I didn’t expect them to be as stressful as they were. Think: budget crises plus work responsibility overload plus stress that life is just a huge catch-22 and there is no way to get to where I want to be without sacrificing things I’m not sure I even currently have. Phew.

Well, that all happened in 48 hours, apparently. Plus a self-cancelled workout when my other ITB started feeling like a thick rope (also bruised now?) and AR/nausea appeared (like for the last ore-marathon workout…) tonight on my warm-up to the track. So that sucked – having to go home and lie down instead of hang out with my friends. Or run intervals, same thing.

Needless to say, I haven’t been feeling like myself this August (or July…), and it is my hope that starting tomorrow through Sunday, when I am off having the experience of a lifetime, I can forget about all the things that are making me beyond frustrated and helpless. I’ve never spent 24+ hours in a van with all females before in my life, and it just could be what I need right now. If not, then I’ll pretend it is for their sake. 😉 I need to let my crazy, shoe nerd self back out again and not overthink life. And people (oh, people…).


In the meantime, I need more ice.

Fun fact of the day brought to you by the TSA: you can’t take energy gels in your carry-on bags!!!

Wish me luck as I take on an airport for the first time in almost 6 years.


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