teaser (bear with me…)


My post(s) recapping and reflecting on the amazing experience that was Hood to Coast with Nuun is coming Saturday. New Jersey greeted me in a not-so-pleasant way Monday morning post-red-eye flight (stress stress stress stress). Needless to say, I have had no time to adequately process in words the journey that was last Wednesday through Sunday. In fact, I am looking forward to re-living it all again in my blog posts! Which is…sad, but it’s the nature of what has become known as the “HTC hangover” (#HTChangover).

For now, a short preview in photos….






Seaside-20130825-02488I will be wishing I could get in a white van and roll through mountainous countryside with a bunch of awesome ladies for the next day or so while I’m at work (and running a XC 5k…more on that later as well)…and playing this song over and over again in my head just because it’s awesome. Until then, sit tight: real HTC posts coming very soon!

Here is also an awesome video vanmate Laura made!


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