Running shirts

If you’ve been running for awhile, you have undoubtedly racked up a number of running-related shirts, probably mostly from races. There is such a thing as too much of anything, and I normally would apply that statement to these shirts…but when you work at a running store and they become your work attire, then it’s really best to just keep ’em coming.

I got to add two shirts to the collection this week, so I thought I would share pictures of some of the best running-related shirts I have….

1. The Buns Shirt

My aunt gave me this cotton Nike tee when she was cleaning out her house. It hardly needs an explanation. Ironically, I have trouble finding appropriate places to wear it besides work:

2. The kick butt shirt

I think I’ve only worn this a few times, only because I overthink everything and wonder if people will misjudge me for whatever reason. A good friend of mine bought it for me at a Nike outlet in California, which was a nice surprise gift!

3. The Transcend shirt

I got this shirt from a table with a “FREE SHIRTS” sign at Camp Brooks in Seattle. I guess they jumped the gun on the release date for this one…and likewise its promo shirt. A good deal for me!

4. The Pre shirt

This week’s new addition! A race director I know who attended the Saucony run brought it for me as a birthday present. It’s a replica of one of the singlets Steve Prefontaine raced in (he presumably traded with a Northern Italian track club). Pretty sweet.

(What I really should do is take a fake running still of me wearing it...oh well.)
(What I really should do is take a fake running still of me wearing it…oh well.)

5. The Hood to Coast LEG SEVEN shirt

My other new shirt! Because I loved Leslie’s “2LEGIT2QUIT” HTC shirt, I ordered one from Portland Running Company and finally  received it in the mail Friday!


6. The 5k swim shirt

Yeah, I did a 5k swim once (last August), around an island. I’ll have to write about it sometime. For now, here’s the shirt.

7. The Yurbuds shirt

I got a lot of random swag at the Boston 2012 expo, and it included this. I’m not sure why but it’s super comfy to sleep in.

8. The Paul Short shirts

Typical race tees, I know, but what you may not know is that every year, these shirts are a big deal. There are lots of patterns and colors, and you need to get to the tent early to buy yours! Left: long sleeve from 2009, right: short sleeve from 2010. It’s my favorite color gray, I wanted to go classic that time. (Megan what colors do you have?!)

9. The NYCM ’12 shirts

Shirts from the marathon that never happened…enough said. (I was just working the expo.)


10. The New Balance apple shirt

I got this somehow at work a couple years ago. I’m not even sure what the New York Relays are…a high school meet at the Armory, I assume. It’s ridiculously soft. I wish I had worn it less initially so it still actually looked white enough to wear [more] in public….

11. The shirt with way too many words

Another one from my aunt…taking motivational quotes to a new level. I haven’t worn this yet despite it fitting nicely, but if you’re looking for inspiration or something, here you go….

12. The Hood to Coast shirt

Well, duh.

13. The Saucony Find Your Strong shirt

It’s pretty. I like it.

14. The BOSTON shirt

I bought this at the 2012 Boston expo, because I wanted a souvenir that didn’t shout “I ran Boston 2012” since I didn’t. I probably wear this more often than any other cotton shirt to work. That skyline just matches so many different shoes….

15. The “just warming up” shirt

This was a shirt from a really fun spring all-girls’ track meet in high school. There were always awesome sayings on the backs…I wish I had them all with me here so I could share them. This was my first one; it’s a shame it’s too big though.

16. The fast girls shirt

Saving the best for last (although the first may be the best – up for debate)…the shirt from the same meet the following year (and my 5k track PR) said the following on the back:

The reason I don’t have a picture of the shirt (it’s one of my favorites ever, but mostly because of the sentimental value) is because it has been kidnapped from my wardrobe for at least the time being…by a guy. At least he is enjoying it (but I swear, if it gets lost or bleach-stained…there will be consequences).

Do you have any fun running-related shirts, from races or not? What’s your favorite?


2 thoughts on “Running shirts”

  1. Hm. Most of mine just have race names plastered across them. Still, I have a few favorites – whether it’s design, fit, etc – that I keep coming back to. You are inspiring me to do a quick evaluation of my stash.

    But I can tell you right now that I know my favorite – an UnderArmour heather grey short-sleeved shirt that fits perfectly, is as soft as can be, and declares my (non-existent) affiliation with Arizona State University. Still, it’s the first one in the wash every week, and one of the few that I trust to wear under my hydration pack. Looooove it.

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