tour of Savannah, aka long run

I’m a bit behind as usual…meaning I have been preferring to sleep rather than write. Excusable, in my opinion. Last weekend, I trekked down to Savannah, Georgia for my cousin’s wedding. There was minimal FOMO (fear of missing out) on my part for once; I needed a break and the weekend’s activities were my perfect remedy. The drive down Friday took longer than expected, almost fifteen hours…being used to long road trips (and long runs…), it wasn’t as horrible as it sounds. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to explore, since we were driving back Sunday, so I planned on turning my long run Saturday morning into a self-guided running tour of the city.

I didn’t bring a phone or camera with me…but courtesy of Google, here were the best of the best sights I ran past…

the squares: there are a lot of “squares” downtown, which to a driver means a mini-roundabout, because they are placed right in the middle of streets. There was usually a statue of someone famous in Georgia’s history (see: Oglethorpe) in the center, or a fountain. I witnessed a wedding picture as I ran through one of them, and the groom was dressed as a Confederate soldier (at least, that was the first thing that came to mind…).

Johnson Square (City Hall in the background).
Franklin Square.

City Hall: At one point, I was just running along and found this huge majestic building looming in front of me…there was no mistaking it for anything but City Hall. What a beaut.

City Hall!
City Hall!
The riverwalk.
The riverwalk.

Savannah Riverfront: I didn’t run along the river for very long; the path was short. But, there was a big cruise-like boat on the water, and kids waved at me from the top deck and said hi, so I waved back. Then one boy yelled, “Have a nice day!” So nice!

River Street, the low side: I’m not sure I quite understand it, but there is a huge drop-off in Savannah when you get close to the river. This means there are all sorts of unique buildings and other contraptions, like stone stairs and ramps that allow you to get from the high street (Bay Street) to the low street (River Street). The view from River Street is like this…


Bay Street, the high side: after you climb up the stone ramps or staircases from River Street, you are significantly higher in elevation (for one block…). The coolest thing I saw here were these walkways/boardwalks that were multiple stories high, to get from the sidewalk where I was running to the apartments, businesses, and offices on the top floors. Some of them looked stable…others looked like they had the ability to swing back and forth….


Cobblestone ramps & steps: Friday night we went out for a bit on River Street, so that was our first taste of the city…I must say, these passages (at night) were good ways to disorient a first-timer…

Forsyth Park: I ran on the outskirts of the park on my way toward the river, and right through the middle on my way back. There was a farmer’s market going on, and I wanted to have some watermelon so badly. 


last but not least, the trees: the trees in Savannah were just how I expected; that city puts a new meaning to “tree-lined streets.”

The stop-and-go kind of frustrated me, but I tried my best to avoid stopping for awhile at lights by making random turns once I got into the heart of downtown. I was able to average 7:42 for 11.5 miles, despite starting out feeling very tired and not up for the pace or distance…it’s really reassuring to know that I always feel better at the end of long runs! Or, any run, actually. More on that later. I averaged 7:27 for the last 4.51 miles feeling like I was floating, and very, very glad I did that run!

The rest of the weekend, I had a great time with family at the wedding, and after!



Cousins pic at a LATE hour...
Cousins pic at a LATE hour…

So…Rock ‘n Roll Savannah, anyone???

Next: the significance of October 3rd (guess I’ve got to write that one today, huh?), the past two weeks of long runs & workouts, and Perfect 10 miler goals!


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