the week that was…

That is an incredibly lame title. Please forgive me for that. You see, so many things have happened in the span of one week that I cannot possibly fit them all into one title. I thought I’d go through the important ones because they are certainly pieces of news worth sharing!

Tuesday: the track-shoveling outcome, etc.: 

Might as well get the disappointing news over with. First, I didn’t have to shovel the track after all – the team thought of it first. Second, we still couldn’t race the mile that night, because it was covered in ice. There was no safe place to run fast, and I wasn’t about to risk a major injury for this little mile race. We’re still trying to reschedule it, because apparently snow has become a Tuesday staple, and everything freezes over before 6pm. Not cool.

We tried….

We did, however, go for a regular run and have our annual dinner and year-end awards. I was given two awards:

Happy Hour Award.

ImageBoth are rather fitting…I’ll take them. The night ended with me accidentally shattering part of the screen of my phone. It was less than two months old! 😦 It’s living in a sock when not in use to prevent further damage. I suppose I should find a little zippered case for it, but for now a sock will do.

Wednesday: Inventory at work. I don’t even know why I’m including this. I was at work until 12:40 AM doing monotonous things like counting and waiting. Inventory days are the two worst work days of the year. Good thing is, we got it over with.

Thursday: runner meet-up at the Ivy. I got there pretty late after work, and because most of this running group consists of middle-age parents, I missed seeing a bunch of them because they had already left the bar. I wanted to go because as I mentioned before, I don’t get a chance to actually run with them much but they’re a cool group! It ended up being worthwhile, because I had a conversation with two guys who call themselves cyclists more than runners. They got me super inspired to use my mag trainer this winter, and even sent me some of their workouts! I’m scheming up some things I will try to turn into routines as far as actually getting on the bike indoors and enjoying myself goes.

Friday: I lost my favorite scarf. Again, not necessary to mention.

Saturday: I felt the power of friendship. Sorry if things just got too deep there. But really. I realized I wanted to help a friend out not only because he asked me to, and not only because I wanted to help, but because I wanted to see him. I needed my friends. They are what balances my days and make me get a proper dosage of laughter and smiles. It is true that you need to be a friend to have a friend. What is truer is that if it’s a real friend, it doesn’t take any effort to do so. Or if it does in the sense of the word, it doesn’t in your heart and mind because it feels just as good for you as well.

Also, I can’t forget that Saturday was a big day across the country in Bend, Oregon, where several friends of mine represented a few different clubs at the USATF Club XC National Championships! Also, big shout-out to Lauren, Jesse, Jocelyn & the rest of the Picky Bars team for hosting what sounded and looked like the party of the month! It looks like the company definitely got some big PR (no pun intended…?) this weekend. I mean, check out that crowd:

Now that's a party!
Now that’s a party!
...and that's one of my best friends (#1773, Boulder TC)!
…and that’s my best friend from high school (#1773, Boulder TC)!

I really wanted to be transported to Bend on Saturday night, but that wasn’t happening, so I lived vicariously through #pickybirdxc on Twitter. I also contemplated the fact that I could run in this race next year, if I wanted to. Which made me realize I have some running options I should think about.

Sunday: Still basking in the power of friendship, I stopped stressing about responsibilities for a few hours after work and really enjoyed time with friends, without any expectations, or looking at a clock or phone. 


Today, Monday: This was the big one. I still have to attend to many more things that came up tomorrow (two different emails about two different potential jobs? Today, really?!); it was a little much to handle in one day. I had two final exams today. I have not mentioned the classes I’ve been taking since August yet on here, but that’s for another post. Hopefully now my posts will be more frequent and focused now that I won’t be guilty about blogging instead of studying. I registered for Ironman 70.3 Princeton today, and got even more excited when I saw how many others I know are doing it too! Looks like I might have more biking buddies for next spring and summer than I thought. UntitledI was also accepted to the 2014 Nuun Ambassador program! Pretty pumped! I wasn’t sure if all the Hood to Coast team members were basically ambassadors now anyway, but I submitted an application anyway to make it official just in case. Speaking of Nuun, if you want a NUUN ORNAMENT for your Christmas tree, all you have to do is place an order from now through December 20th! Why would you not want a Nuun ornament? So runnerdy. Love it.

ornamentThe day ended with a run, but  not before an epic fail at the dreaded mall. I’m used to Forever 21 doing all the work for me…what do I do when it fails epically?! Totally not running-related I know, but I’m desperately seeking advice on where to find the perfect holiday party dress, so if you know secrets I don’t know, share them!


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