Run the Edge meets Princeton & life updates!

runtheedgeLast weekend was a “Weekend with a capital W,” as I like to say (mostly to myself…). As I mentioned in my last post many days ago, it kicked off with dinner and drinks with Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano. During dinner we mostly talked about food and the YMCA, since YMCA staff members who were helping organize the event were there. I hardly got to talk with the guys then, so I was pleased that they wanted to go out for drinks to chat some more after dinner. We were joined by another one of their former Colorado teammates (and a customer of mine…and the husband of the lovely, inspiring Oiselle bird Jen) who lives in the area, and the stories and laughter that ensued was quite the experience! It was really cool to just be sitting there chatting about running and everything over beers, right in Princeton. Both Adam and Tim were really chill guys – if you ever get a chance to meet them, take it!

20140321_223108Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I was unable to attend the event for which they actually traveled to Princeton the following morning. I really wish I could have gone, or at least heard about it from one of my coworkers (the store was so busy no one ended up being able to sneak out) so I could report on it as well! I got there at the tail end of everything after the CPR class I had to attend about 25 minutes away, but it was wrapping up. If you are from the Princeton area, I hope you were able to attend! I am definitely adding Running the Edge to my list of running-related books I must read ASAP, especially now!

On a related note, a few life updates that will help explain things better…might as well share them here since we all know I won’t have time to dedicate two whole posts to them. I took the CPR course Saturday the 22nd (and it had to be on that day) for two reasons: First, I am coaching Girls on the Run this spring! I went to training this past Saturday, and I have a lot more reading to do to prepare, but it starts this Saturday and I am really excited! I think it will be a great experience. I love helping young girls in that age range with shoes when they come in the store, and so I think it will bee really fun and rewarding to become a good influence in their lives even more!

logo_girlsontherunWhy do I still have a ton of preparing and reading to do? Because…I started a new job last week! I am now working part-time as a Rehab Aide at a nearby physical therapy clinic. After what seemed like the longest process ever of orientations and physical appointments up at the affiliated hospital a half hour away (now that I hardly drive I hate it!), I am finally on the schedule and working at the clinic. I actually opened the building all by myself today before 6:00 AM. So, I’ve been pretty exhausted! I’m still working at the store, so don’t worry…the ultimate shoenerd remains the voice behind this blog. 🙂

I was going to write all about my awesome point-to-point 21-miler to PA last Sunday (we’re going way back to the 23rd now…) and other thoughts on Boston training, but I’ll leave that for next time. I’m about to run off to do one of the hardest workouts in my training cycle (deep breaths, deep breaths…don’t get yourself sick...), the “Michigan”, which still scares me even though I’m not on a college team anymore.

See you on the other side!



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