2014, summer of crazy?

The first weekend after running the Boston Marathon was spent learning that marathoners are not, contrary to popular belief, the craziest people out there. This experience (I’ll explain, don’t worry) led me to want to, well, do some crazier things. Because, quite frankly, why not? The body is capable of some pretty cool things, and there aren’t two feet of snow on the streets and trails anymore, so there’s really no excuse not to try.

That weekend, I went to two nights of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at Princeton University. I watched the videos in awe as people climbed ridiculous rocky peaks, biked hundreds of miles a day, and made a house out of trash and wood on a deserted beach. Since I can’t really describe everything, here is a trailer:


After the marathon, I found myself kind of regretting that I hadn’t raced more this spring. I only ran the E. Murray Todd Half Marathon in March, and then just trained hard. I think right now I would be capable of training for PRs in every distance, though, so that thought makes me want to go ahead and do it, and have fun in the process. It works out well that I am doing a half ironman in September, given this state of mind, I suppose.

I started putting this plan into action by racing a triathlon today, when, logically, I was way underprepared. But you know what? Sometime early on, during the swim, I took a stroke and thought to myself, this was such a good idea. I can’t wait to write about how it went soon. 🙂

I might as well reveal that this beauty is now mine as of Monday:

10259868_10152428575758834_6709899225870745370_n…and now has nearly 60 miles on it.



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