Reality, renewed for another season: training updates & limbo confessionals

Most people know that I do not have cable television, nor do I feel the need to. I had Netflix for a couple months when I was watching House of Cards on the bike trainer in my shed, but as soon as it was warm enough to bike outside I unsubscribed. I haven’t watched a movie in months and have not watched a TV show alone since March. This isn’t a conscious decision, I just actually forget visual entertainment is an option because I can think of a hundred other things I want/need to do instead. Furthermore, who needs a TV show when I have the ridiculous plot twists that make up my life? 

I haven’t blogged in a month simply because this (life) is an exciting show, and every day there seem to be new challenges, catches, and decisions with unknown resolutions not solely in my control that leave me utterly exhausted at the end of each day. Sometimes the exhaustion occurs because of productivity, and sometimes because of total physical and mental stress.

Playing catch-up is annoying at first, but then fun, because there are so many things I have been itching to blog about (but then, like I said, I go to sleep instead)!  

From a training standpoint:

I raced the NJ State Sprint Triathlon for the third year in a row on July 19th.


…and finally placed in my age group!


I bought bike shoes and clipless pedals.


I have the inevitable embarrassing long bike ride mishap story to share (or not?).

Scattered Thunderstorms

I did some long rides to pretty places (but still have a long way to go…pun intended).20140713_113618

I learned how to climb, finally!


I ran another 5k PR & clearly earned a last-minute entry in the contest for my grittiest finish photo ever.



These things don’t sound too crazy. That’s because I’ve failed to mention the non-training-related portions of the past month. I don’t believe in jinxes, but it would seem as though the “crazy” in my quest for a “summer of crazy” took on a different meaning.

Confessions in limbo, part two: sometimes you change your mind. Or realize your 14-year-old self knew what you wanted more than your 23-year-old self. Or maybe, you just gave it one more shot and it was enough to realize it wasn’t what you thought it would be. At the end of January I wrote a truthful, personal post about my career goals as well as a resolution to reach them. Reading back over it now, I feel like my decision to change those goals for practical and personal reasons, with no outside influences by anyone else persuading or dissuading, was the right one. It is exciting and relieving to re-focus my sights on becoming a teacher, not a physical therapist. I will probably go into more detail in another post, but for now I’ll put it simply: it was what I decided, and I have quit my PT job since realizing it was stressing me out more than benefiting me or anyone else. I also needed to do this because….

There are BIG changes happening at the store. New leadership, new staff (basically chosen by yours truly and they are going to be awesome), new community involvement, and new responsibilities. Interlaced with this is an emerging conflicting relationship between people I have known and trusted for years. Until everything is all announced and the storm has passed, I’m counting on continuing to be stressed out of my mind and as busy as ever. Most days I am pretty excited about what’s happening though, and if you are part of the Princeton community, you should be too. I am learning more about myself as a person and a potential leader these past few weeks than I ever have, and regardless of what happens and how quickly it happens, it’ll count for something. 

Working as much as I did on my feet this week, continuing normal training, and then racing, however, does do a number on your body. As of the past 24 hours I’m faced with the beginnings of what seems to be a form of plantar fasciitis (never had it before), with more stiffness than actual pain right now….I’m pretty sure this was triggered by the time I had Lace Locks on too tightly in late May (my left foot felt off after that for a long time randomly on some runs, but I had since stopped feeling any discomfort the past couple weeks) plus stepping straight onto a pointy rock a few weeks ago while running on a trail (which I was super worried about and cared for like there was pain, but there was never any pain). It was hard to curl/bend my big toe after I was done running for the day yesterday, and in trying to do so I felt tension near my Achilles too. I’ve been icing it like crazy and wearing Superfeet, but I’m sure there’s another overtime week waiting for me so I really hope it goes away. :/

So there you have it: pretty much every aspect of my life has been turned upside down except running…not necessarily turned into a state of chaos but definitely turned in a way that prompts questioning the why, when, and how. 


I plan on recapping my triathlon and the other things I mentioned in detail soon, so stay tuned!

(Please note that I choose to share what I want on this personal blog, and would never disclose any information not already known to the general public regarding business-related information. So, I have not done so in this post, in case you were wondering.)