My Favorites

Some of my favorites, running-related…or not:

Places to run: Washington Crossing State Park (NJ), Wissahickon Valley (The Wiss, PA), Witherspoon Woods (NJ), Sourland Mountain Preserve (NJ)<3

Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3 (anxiously awaiting the 4…), non-running shoes…pretty much everything, I really like shoes. Especially shiny black or brown leather ones. (I have never, and will never, own Uggs….). Sperrys are also awesome, I don’t care what you say.

Food: Frozen banana whip! What is that, you ask? THIS. Also oatmeal, anything with avocado, and sweet potato fries.

Nutrition on the run: Vanilla Clif Shot gel, grape Nuun, banana Nuun (BANANANUUN!)grapenuun

Beverages that are not water…: Harpoon UFO White, Blue Moon, dark & stormies

Travel spots: Maine, Boston, Savannah GA

Music: So much…country, alternative rock, some pop. Bands and artists that never get old for me include Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Of Monsters and Men, Phoenix, and The Temper Trap, Owl City, Taylor Swift…and more recently, Florida Georgia Line.


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