When running meets Valentine’s Day…

(First of all, pretend it’s still Valentine’s Day. Just for the sake of this post, of course. The extent to which I have been busy since that day is insane. I hardly have opened my laptop.)

One of the things I really enjoy about work is that I can be creative, particularly with the window displays. It might not be a big deal to us, since we work there and see it every day, but there are thousands of people who walk through downtown each week, and our store is in a prime location. The window is a chance to send a message, to invite people in if they like what they see, or maybe just to make them smile. I did not make a Valentine’s Day themed window display last year. This is probably a good thing, because if I did, it would probably have included black hearts, flames, and Adele lyrics. Who wants to see that, right? Anyway, I was in much better spirits this year, and though running is currently my only love interest, I decided to do something cute. About this love interest, obviously. I thought it would be clever to use the idea of Sweethearts candy and make them read things about running, in the typical format of their sayings.

love Sweethearts candy…but the old recipe was better! Especially the white hearts, which they apparently do not make anymore. 😦 So I packed some paint and other supplies and got to work last Monday afternoon. I would like to thank Tifosi Optics for sending us a new sunglass display, since the Styrofoam supplied me with the materials for my oversized Sweethearts running-themed candy.

A big runnerdy mess.

It was…messier than I expected. I used cardboard for some hearts because I was on a roll with sayings. They got cornier and cornier. They just kept coming! It was so much fun. I posted this picture to Facebook and it got ten likes immediately – a good sign that my window would be a success! My coworkers thought I was crazy and probably did not enjoy working with me that day (when I painted some awesome hearts I would run out to the front and exclaim my enthusiasm), but I cleaned everything up and finished only a couple hours after we closed.

The finished hearts:

Princeton City-20130211-01728

Princeton City-20130211-01731
So cliche…but why not?
Princeton City-20130211-01733
I changed Sweethearts’ “BE GOOD” to “RUN FAST”…sound analogous to you?

My phone camera went through a hard time after that night, I’m not sure what the problem was, so I resumed taking photos in the daylight at work on Valentine’s Day:

ImageNote the new additions:

Props to Becca for bringing this to my attention, and suggesting I include it in the window! I didn't have time to paint it, but dry erase is better than nothing.
Props to Becca for bringing this to my attention, and suggesting I include it in the window! I didn’t have time to paint it, but dry erase is better than nothing.
Princeton City-20130214-01738
I had to. Flip side: “U R FAST.”

And now, glitter passes off the crown of Messiest Craft Ever (I’ll keep it PG here, it sounds better…) to… STYROFOAM. Seriously, it is awful. Not only does it get everywhere because when you break or cut it lots of little balls come loose, it is extremely electrostatic and will cling to everything within a foot of it. That is, hair, clothes, carpets, furniture, windows…you get the point. Note that I was making the hearts in the back, climbing in the Styrofoam-fake-snow filled window in the front, and traveling back and forth. Biggest vacuum job I have ever done at work. On the bright side, I made use of all the Styrofoam…and it does look like snow, sort of. More like hail, actually. Thankfully the vacuum picked it all up just fine. Not that I have taken down this window display yet or anything.

This was, I must admit, the highlight of my 2013 Valentine’s Day. I did not even run that day, purposely, as a precautionary measure after the double interval workouts and my Achilles giving me a scare. Just making other people smile and laugh when thinking about running, and not take the “holiday” so seriously made my Valentine’s Day great!

Photo shoots are fun too!

Becca and me just advertising spring Nike clothing, that’s all…

Princeton City-20130214-01748

But in case you didn’t catch that…It was the corniest running V-Day ever, that’s for sure! Princeton City-20130214-01745Let me know if you want to call dibs on a heart when I take them all down!