IMG-20130402-01867This is such a dream come true! It is so awesome to work really hard for something I want and get the reward as well…it’s been awhile! Like I said, I had so much fun making my video application. I jump at any opportunity to be creative, and this was a new and exciting form of creativity that I ended up having tons of fun with. Thank you SO MUCH  to Nuun for liking my video and selecting me to their Hood to Coast team!

If you missed my video, you can watch it here!

As I have been working nonstop and catching up on sleep and other things post-Boston, I have gotten lots of new Twitter and blog followers, was invited to the Nuun HTC Facebook group, and received comments and messages I haven’t had a chance to respond to yet! I am really excited to go watch every single video and read the blogs of the other ladies on the team, who sound awesome. The relay might not be until August, but there’s a lot of blogging to be done until then, and a lot more doors in the running and blogging community to open!

On another note, what do you think of the new Cherry Limeade??? I’m a fan, especially of the words “caffeine enhanced”…..CL-tube-382x369

Next up: 18-miler and its effects…plus an inside look on the coveted skill of cowbelling. Spoiler: I have a cowbell blister. You don’t want to miss this.



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