NUUN giveaway (and storytime)!

It is really obvious that I love Nuun

First, they chose me to be on their 2013 Hood to Coast Team. That should be enough of a reason, no?

But seriously, Nuun as a product is awesome. I have never taken a liking to any other sports/electrolyte drink out there, finding them too sugary, too heavy, too light, too…not better than water. So, I used to only hydrate with water. Clearly, that isn’t good enough on hot and humid summer days in New Jersey, and so that fact, plus stocking Nuun at work, led me to try it. And…the Boston expo in 2012, when our Running Company booth was two booths away from Nuun, and the water fountain was about 150 meters and 1,500 people away. I’ve managed to try nearly every flavor, and my favorites are…

Watermelon, Tropical, Banana, Grape (actually in the opposite order, oops).

I could say lots of good things about Nuun, but here’s what Nuun has to say themselves:

“Nuun Active Hydration is the #1 selling sports drink tab in the cycling, running and outdoor specialty marketplaces. As education about hydration and wellness grows, Nuun has become more accessible to a wider range of people. In response, Nuun has expanded its product line from sports performance hydration to include two all natural, vitamin-enhanced products for every day use, Nuun All Day Hydration and U Natural Hydration. Be it a bike ride, a long day at the office, or a day at home juggling kids, Nuun has a tablet and flavor customized to help you stay healthy and hydrated.” – from




Speaking of Nuun All Day, I’ve actually started to drink it in place of a multivitamin (since I can’t swallow big pills and chewable ones taste gross…)! I recommend Blueberry Pomegranate.



So…I promised a giveaway of this good stuff. This is my first giveaway on my blog, and I’m not going to do it without providing a catch! As an introduction to the catch…you may recall my last blog post about the 5k I did on Saturday. There is a good reason I’m not linking to the post. See, I mentioned how I was 99% sure that in the age group photo that was taken of me and the winner with the National team (most of whom I personally know, so that makes this worse, I think), I looked at the second camera instead of the right one (she was wearing a USRowing staff shirt!). Well, I saw the thumbnail and it looked like I was right. I thought it wouldn’t  be a big deal, because it was just on a Flickr sight nobody visits. But of course, it had to be chosen for the homepage of a website. Greattt. And I thought no one would ever see it. So, that was awful. No one should go searching for it, by the way. I have hardly looked at it and I refuse to.

My point: I would like you to share with me (in a comment on this post) a story of when something ( a photo or the like) came back to haunt you/embarrass you online! Running-related or not. The best story wins a 4-pack of Nuun! Also add which flavor you would like to try!


To distract you from searching for me online, here is a lovely Nuun photo that was floating around on my computer….



And THIS, which I saw upon visiting the Nuun website!!!

(That’s me!!!)

3 thoughts on “NUUN giveaway (and storytime)!”

  1. Ha! I am trying hard to think of a good story…Can’t think of one. Except maybe students finding my blog? As far as I know that has not happened, but the idea of it completely mortifies me enough to want to shut down the entire blog.

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